Transporterfest 2017 at Lars Anderson


Transporterfest is one of 22 Lawn events that happen each year at the Lars Anderson. These shows range in size from the massive Tuto Italiano that has several hundred cars from Italian manufacturers to the intimate (not small) Microcar Classic. Where you will see only about 50 cars, but unlike most shows, the Microcar show gives rides in the cars around the grounds. Each show is unique, and there is an event for any collector or follower of any Car manufacturer or type.

On a warm but rainy day, the fields of the Lars Anderson Museum were filled with VWs of all types.

The show as everything, from the classic Beetle, Microbus, Carmen Ghia, and the occasional Thing. To the modern Transporters with 4 wheel drive. If you are a VW fan, you will find something to look at and talk about, and despite the rain, people were out showing their cars, van, or pickup,(yes VW has made a pickup check out the pictures)  and the love they have for it.

Take a look at the pictures from the day; you will see people out enjoying their cars in the rain. Something you rarely see at car shows. It was a fun show with owners of all ages, from the people who have owned their VW for 45 years to the young family with their first VW bus.

From restored classics, fully customized and even home decorated and painted. This show celebrated a manufacturer and the people who own them and use the vehicles as a medium to express their personalities, thoughts, and opinions, something that is uncommon in the rest of car collecting. Where else would you see a van with a mural by Ken Mitchell of “Paintedbus Artwerks” that shows the military record of veteran near an owner painted bus with antiwar paintings?

This show is one of my favorites and is a great show to go to if you are interested in getting into the hobby. Check out my photos and if you are curious stop by the show next year!

The Larz Anderson Auto Museum is home to “America’s Oldest Car Collection.” For over 85 years the Larz Anderson Auto Museum has been supporting the community through a variety of educational programs, exhibits, and lectures.

Lars Anderson Museum

Ken Mitchell is an artist based in Salem MA. You can get more information about his work at:

The Painted Bus


2017 Acura NSX for $72,000? Just add parts!

While out on the net looking for our next project. We stumbled across this car.

Easy fix supercar!

From the photos and the short write up the car has nose and rear end damage. The current bid is $72500.00, but with a finished value of over $200,000. The question is do you take a chance and bid on this supercar?

For more information check it out on

2017 Acura NSX repairable



Automomous Driving for any car, just add MAX4

Automotive supplier Magna has introduced MAX4, a new functional autonomous driving platform concept it’s showing off to the industry. Magna says the system can work with any vehicle without impact to either car design or looks. They also state that it has scalable self-driving capabilities, including highly automated self-driving, which does not need driver intervention.

As the video shows, the concept is impressive, and Magna says it is effective in Urban and Highway environments. Ok so they get can get a modern non-self driving car to act like a Tesla. That’s great I hate driving to work, just don’t mess with my 1970 Boss 302!

Magna let’s you self-drive any car!

Traffic Simulator explains pains of driving during rush hour

Can you keep traffic going?

Did you ever wonder why traffic jams seem to appear out of nowhere? Did you know that the density of traffic can have a significant effect on how traffic moves?
Well, now you can be the traffic cop on a website that simulates traffic jams based on factors including speed, the number of cars, the distance between vehicles, the percentage of trucks on the road. These come together to cause “traffic perturbations” like sudden braking or lane changes that cause other cars to slow down.
So take some time and play around with the settings, see if you can keep traffic flowing around the rotary.

Re-post Orange Drag Strip Reunion 2016 pictures this year’s Reunion only a couple of weeks away. I thought I would repost the article from last year:

On a sunny Saturday in June, in the quiet town of Sterling, Massachusetts, at an airport usually reserved for light aircraft and sailplanes. The sound of old school drag racing was heard, this is the 2016 edition of the Orange Drag Strip Reunion, which included not only nostalgia drag racing for 1/16th of a mile (330ft) but a car show featuring several hundred cars. This year’s reunion was great fun with everything from real dragsters from the 1950s and 60s to reproduction cars, hot rods, pickup trucks, and everything else imaginable. I also can’t forget about the car show and just all the vehicles that come for the event.
The Orange Airport Drags first took place July 18, 1954, and continued until the end of racing at Orange Airport in 1970. The Reunion started running at Orange Airport on September 10, 2011, and has moved from Orange to Fitchburg and now Sterling Airport.

Here is the website to get more information about the reunion and what is needed to race. See you there!

Here are some of our favorite pictures from the day: